Hi. I’m Adrian, the face and name behind iLoX Wedding Photography.

For me this is the hardest part to write, as I'm not one to talk about myself. Maybe that’s why I feel comfortable behind the camera!

Well, I've been reliably informed (by my wife Suez) that I’ve been married for 24 years. She's probably right, (she usually is) but it’s hard to think that our own wedding day was so long ago. I still have great memories, and that’s what I want your photos to do for you! We have two amazing children who I'm incredibly proud of. They're both young adults themselves now. 

We have a pet miniature Sausage Dog, (that's him on the right or below if you're viewing this on a mobile device), who is rather mischievous and cheeky. We all adore him and his antics - our phones are full of photos and videos of him looking cute or getting up to no good! 

I was recently asked what got me into photography to begin with. I honestly can’t remember. It feels as though I’ve had a camera in my hand my whole life (though I’m sure I wasn’t entrusted with one as a toddler!) Wedding wise, I helped a wedding photographer friend out and got hooked. My first solo professional wedding shoot was for a lovely couple at Northcote Manor in Devon. I clicked with the venue immediately and became their preferred photographer, so they recommended me to their couples. I have a lot to thank them for and to this day I remain friends with some of the staff.

Photography is also a hobby. When I’m not photographing weddings, I'm often known to travel for two hours or more to sit in a field all night taking photos of the Milky Way or chasing amazing sunset and sunrises. Other than that, I enjoy Motorsport - F1 in particular and have been out to Abu Dhabi as well as many times to home-grown Silverstone.

Oh, and I don’t just dislike talking about myself, I'm also not keen on photos of myself either. Having that photo of me on the left (or above if viewing on a mobile device) taken by my wife was unbelievably hard, so if you're like me I can sympathise and share your pain! This may explain why I specialise in the relaxed informal style of photography.