With over 10 years photographing weddings I've started to appreciate that we have a vast number, and I may be a little bias here but the best wedding venues in Devon, each one unique in their own way.
With that in mind I though I would create my Top 10 list of my favourite wedding venues along with some details of each one that may help Bride & Grooms choose for their wedding. These are in no particular order, I love each one equally albeit for different reasons.

Things I personally look out for are
1. Wow factor
2. The feeling vibe that I get while there, i.e. is it relaxed or a formal environment? (I prefer the relaxed) 
3. The food. Some of our hotels have amazing chefs.
4. Photographic opportunities. Not necessarily those with the best views, I look for items like a bench, nice gardens and also the inside in case it's wet! 
5. Staff... I find this is closely linked to number 2, the staff make the difference from a good experience to an amazing one.

I will create a separate page for each venue so please click on the links below.

northcote manor

Weddings have exclusive access of this beautiful Georgian Manor located in Umberleigh, North Devon. It has stunning grounds with incredible views over the Taw valley. Read more and see photos of real weddings take at Northcote Manor by clicking here...


Bovey Castle

Set in the heart of Dartmoor this castle is nothing short of impressive. While it's more formal than I prefer the wow factor certainly helps balance that out. Inside and out this place is simply breathtaking. Read more and see photos of real weddings take at Bovey Castle by clicking here...

horn of plenty hotel

Is this South Devon's most intimate luxurious venue? Well yes I think so. With it's 4 stars this country house wedding venue is located just outside of Tavistock and has a lovely warm and relaxed feel to it. Read more and see photos of real weddings take at The horn of Plenty by clicking here...

Tunnels Beaches

Located on the North Devon coast this wedding venue in Ilfracome is unlike any other venue in the UK. Purpose built in the cliffs with access via a tunnel it also has it's own private beach. Read more and see photos of real weddings taken at Tunnels Beaches by clicking here... 


Reed Hall

Located within the grounds of Exeter University this place has magnificent gardens. This is more for a wedding reception that the ceremony but is a good size for the larger weddings. Inside the main hall is light and airy and always looks magnificent. Read more and see photos of real weddings take at Reed Hall by clicking here...

Haldon Belvedere

Haldon Belvedere

Another unique wedding venue in Devon with serious wow factor. Belvedere Castle is situated on the edge of Dartmoor and is stunning. The bride & Groom are also allowed on the top following the ceremony which has breathtaking views. To see those views and other photos from real weddings at Belvedere Castle click here...

For those that are reading this before I've fully finished adding all 10 wedding venues I apologise. Please keep coming back, the others will be here soon I promise.