Caroline & Tarots Wedding at the Salvation Army Hall in Redruth, Cornwall

Love has an incredible way of bringing people together, weaving beautiful stories that capture the essence of joy and togetherness. Today, we are thrilled to share the enchanting tale of Caroline and Tarot’s wedding, a celebration that unfolded at the Salvation Army Hall in Reduth, continued with stunning cliffside photos at Portreath, and culminated with an awesome reception at the Chiverton Arms.

Cliffs of Portreath: After the heartfelt ceremony, Caroline and Tarot ventured to the picturesque cliffs of Portreath for their wedding photoshoot. Nestled along Cornwall’s breathtaking coastline, Portreath offered a magnificent backdrop, where crashing waves and rugged cliffs merged with the couple’s radiant happiness. As they posed against the stunning natural beauty, their love and joy were effortlessly captured in every photograph, forever immortalizing this memorable day.

Reception at the Chiverton Arms: Following their whimsical photo session, Caroline and Tarot, along with their guests, made their way to the Chiverton Arms for an unforgettable wedding reception. The Chiverton Arms, their local and renowned for its warm hospitality it was the obvious choice for them and created a perfect setting for the couple’s post-wedding celebrations.

Such a great day, thank you both <3

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